Services Include:

  • Milk supply, latch, breast or nipple pain

  • Infant weight check

  • Plugged ducts

  • Bottle feeding or refusal

  • Starting solids, weaning, and more!

What to expect from a home visit

At a home visit, Leslie will review the parent's and infant's health history, evaluate breast and nipple tissue and baby's facial and oral tissues to determine physical, developmental, or situational impacts on breastfeeding. Home visits may include assessment of, and help with, latch and position, healing for sore nipples or breasts, weight checks for infants, pre/post feed weights to determine milk intake, a full feeding assessment including the use of any supplements and bottle feeding techniques if needed, use of breastfeeding accessories such as supplemental feeders or nipple shields, questions about herbs and medications, help with pump parts and pumping strategies, and much more. You will receive a comprehensive care plan and any referrals necessary at the end of the visit, and Leslie will send a report of the visit to both the lactating parent's and infant's health care providers.