Nursing Effectively & Getting Enough Milk


One issue that troubles many new families is knowing if your baby is nursing effectively and getting enough milk.

Many people are told that "latch is good" but there are telltale signs beyond a baby placing their mouth on the breast.  Here are a few of our favorite resources that will help you determine if your baby is nursing effectively:

  • This excellent video from Global Health Media describes how to count diapers to know if baby is drinking enough, and also describes how to tell if baby's latch is effective enough to get milk.

  • This printable handout describes how to count diapers and more - it's helpful to print and have with you just after birth.

  • And, the International Breastfeeding Centre (Dr. Jack Newman's site) has many informative videos that show effective vs. non-effective latching.  Compare the videos to your baby's latch to help assess how things are going!